Moyers and Company

Mr. Moyers and I talked for over three hours in order to get this half-hour interview. I could have talked to him for days. He is the smartest, most compassionate, and curious journalist that I have ever encountered. I want him to adopt me.

Open Road Media

This is a lovely interview I did with the Open Road Media folks. After writing and publishing thousands of pages over the years, it's easy to forget certain sentences, paragraphs, and pages. And so, yes, I had forgotten the beautiful passage that I read in this video. I mustn't be too prideful, however, because there is also plenty of ugly writing that I've published and will not be reading aloud anytime soon. 

Time Magazine

This multimedia interview was posted online and featured in the print magazine. I heard a dance troupe did an interpretive version but I can find no evidence of that.

The Colbert Report

This interview is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my career (I can't get the interview to embed because I am a tech loser). All of my years as a debater, standup comedian, and performance poet came together in a five-minute burst of panic, quick thinking, punchlines, and joy. I still can't believe that I held my own against the supremely talented Colbert.


Here I am getting poetic, political, and overwrought about basketball.

The Big Think

Here's me getting semi-smart and partly-literary for a very cool web series.

Against Censorship

My books continue to be among the most banned and challenged books in the USA. Here, I respond.

At City Lights - San Francisco

As part of Banned Books Week, I read from Jonathan Kozol's Savage Inequalities.

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