280 Characters

Twitter is a Trickster.

Yeah, Coyote wants you to tweet

20 times a day.

He wants to be your bitter

And public confidant. So post

the pictures

Of your most intimate moments.

Put your secrets

on display.

It’s okay. Twitter is a Trickster

Who’ll declare you the victor—

The Blue Ribbon Grand Marshall

of the Cruelty Parade.

Give yourself the Pulitzer Prize

for Bile, Bitter,

And Bombast. If somebody is sick

then be sicker.

Don’t seek to heal. Don’t seek

to be healed.

If you must pray

then pray

To Twitter, the Trickster

Messiah. Shout! Shout!

Don’t whisper.

There’s no reward

for silence,

so bray, bray, bray

For Coyote, that bitter

Grifter. He’ll give you

a slug

of his latest elixir.

He’ll romance you

with a bramble


His teeth are sharp, his lips

are bitter,

And his embrace will give you

beautiful blisters.

Coyote will always love you

no matter what

you say,

So go to bed with Twitter

the Trickster,

play Naked Twister,

and conceive, conceive,

a litter of babies

named Steel Splinter,

Backhand, Quicksand,

Bite Wound, Spittoon,

Severed Finger, Widow

Killer, and Always Bitter.

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