FallsApart Poetry Contest #1 - Winner!




by 21st Century Poet,  @21st_C_Poet




Incomprehensibly, at the foot of a skyscraper, amongst the gray concrete,                   the detritus,

I found a lavender plant. 

The wind blew a crumpled receipt against it and the core of an apple lay                         dumbly on its slightly exposed roots. 

The lavender seemed content there, one could even say robust. 

It was thriving and perfect in itself

amongst the lost and the carelessly cast aside, 

totally ignorant of its former holy self—or one should say, the holiness

             attributed to it. 

It did not hate—or love for that matter—

it just was, 

existing, sometimes thriving, in the city, under the skyscraper. 



FallsApart Poetry Contest #1 - Finalist!






by Andrea Farrell


I hate it when people offer to let me feel their faces.

“That’s not really necessary,” I mutter, and go red as an apple,

          whatever that means.


Today the bus driver is new. He asks my stop,

and insists on making robust announcements of our exact location

          every 30 seconds.

Even though I can feel the shadows of the skyscrapers as they pass over us,

like his eyes in the mirror.


The only face I have ever touched is my mother’s, but the memory has                          faded.

When I think about her now,

I remember the way she would clear her throat in the middle of the night,

And as I breathe in, I smell dried lavender.




FallsApart Poetry Contest #1 - Finalist!


When You Walk Away

 by Charlotte (Charlie) Gleeson


When you walk away,

I’ll want to shove your volatile soul from the tip of a skyscraper,

Watch your body fall like Newton’s apple,

Pop open! One hundred robust watermelons,

Coloring the pavement with all of the “I love you’s” that you took from me.


Today, I wanted to write a self-righteous poem about hate.


But all I can think about,

Is the lavender that would bloom from your wounds as you bled -

How when you walk away,

I won’t actually wish you dead.


FallsApart Poetry Contest #1 - Finalist!



by C.A. Clark 


Hot, dry Russian summer
Lavender, purple in bloom
Apple blossoms now spent
Thunderheads, cloud skyscrapers, boom
A river runs to the sea.


He, robust in swimming trunks,
Stands on the river bank
Aware and certain that
Hate, like heat, vanishes


Into dusk, pink and glowing.


FallsApart Poetry Contest #1 - Finalist!



by Mike Switzer


Skyscrapers rake the air in a perverted photosynthesis,

scratching at the energy they need to carry on living.

It takes so little and there is much to spare;

Earth is more robust than the tower cares to admit.

Once, one of them escaped to the forest, to compete with the trees;

it didn't work out. They found it, felled, in a field of lavender. The smells

          proved too much.

Later, the steel beams rooted 

and an apple tree grew from the decaying corpse;

too bad we all hate granny smiths.


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