So not a supermodel. But I do love independent bookstores enough to look the fool.

This photo was taken at Secret Garden Books in Seattle, the fourth stop on my mini-tour through Seattle on IndiesFirst day.

A friend suggested I should now start a day called IndiansFirst wherein everybody is nice to us Indians for a day.

I'm on it!


Harmony Holiday

Harmony Holiday appears in the latest edition of Poetry and her poems wreck me. Political, musical, funny, painful, beautiful, and original. They're prose poems, by and large, but O, man, do they sing. Her book, Negro League Baseball, is available from Fence Books. I just ordered it. I suggest you do the same.


Becoming men is like that, degrading, uplifting, denial, lazily caving in Isis and ice until all of our guesses are obsolete...
— Harmony Holiday