Great Fire

From io9 (via Zite) is this story about the excavation of Cahokia, a Pre-Columbian city located where St. Louis is now. "Ringed by massive earthen mounds, farmlands, and wealthy suburbs," Cahokia was North America's largest city and comparable in size to the largest European cities of the time.

Cahokia was mysteriously abandoned and scientists have now discovered evidence that a great fire may have been the cause. But the exact nature of that fire is still a mystery.

Fascinating stuff.

Call & Response

In reacting to the "dark, misogynist, racist underbelly of academia," Anne Thériault kicks ass on David Gilmour, the professor/writer who recently stated (and then offered an explanation/apology that restated his former opinion) that he only read and taught books written by straight white men like him.